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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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or draw. >> bret: thanks for viting us into your home tonight that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: the federal aviation administration is having a very bad week. this time a close call for a jet with the first lady on board. now what f.a.a.? plus, how to solve our nation's money problems. >> if we keep on spending more than we take in, it's going to cause serious damage to our economy. >> shepard: yeah, no kidding. >> let's face it, u.s. debt is on unsustainable path. >> shepard: the question is how to fix it? >> if we try to tax our way out of this problem, we will literally shut down our economy. >> shepard: tonight, the search for a real solution. the judge in rod blagojevich's
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retrial warned him watch what you say to the media but that could be tough because our blago clearly loves to talk. >> i'm an innocent man. i'm seeking vindication. >> shepard: tonight, blago gets set to go back to court. we will see how his latest comments could effect his case. plus, drop the dodge ball and back away slowly. a state health department looking to rewrite the rules and restrict the fun on everything from freeze tag to kick ball. but first from fox this tuesday night, word of a very close call involving a bo boeing 737 jet carrying the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. as far as we know no one was hurt, no one including the first lady who is said to be fine. she's was on her way back to washington after an appearance on "the view" yesterday in new york when her plane had to abort its landing. according to the "the washington post" newspaper, it came
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dangerously close to a cargo jet in front of it. the reason? a mistake by an air traffic controller. doug mckelway on fox top story live from d.c. doug, what happened? >> the first lady had just finished that appearance on "the view" yesterday. she was headed back to andrews air force base in suburban washington when military controllers there noticed that a civilian f.a.a. controller at the regional radar facility had allowed the first lady's 737 to get within three miles, far closer than the five mile separation the f.a.a. requires between planes. now, that's potentially dangerous because the wing tips of large planes produce tornadic advisor disease that impact the balance of following planes. caused her plane to increase s turns. they aborted the landing because the c-17 would have been on the runway. in a statement the f.a.a. says late tonight the f.a.a. is investigating the incident. the boeing 737 landed safely
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after executing the go around. the aircraft were never in any danger. but, the "the washington post" reports that the f.a.a. controller in warrenton told andrews that the distance between the planes was four miles that was clearly wrong. radar showed them to be closer to three miles apart. shep? >> shepard: doug, as our viewers no doubt know this came after several incidents in recent weeks in which controllers reportedly fell asleep in the towers now the feds have suspended another one for watching a movie on the job. >> yeah. they suspended that controller and his supervisor, too, after the controller was caught watching the dvd of the crime thriller cleaner while he was supposed to be watching radar screen. furthermore, he inadvertently watched his mike open he broadcast the movie audio into every cockpit one of the busiest in the country. lasted three minutes and prevented planes from communicating with controllers. the f.a.a. is investigating that
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incident ray la hood promises like some before, they will get to the bottom of it, shep? >> shepard: a lot of investigating. doug mckelway, thanks. president obama is warning our out-of-control deficits could cause serious consequences, including higher rates for mortgages and car loans. so the president is hitting the road this week to push his plan to cut $4 trillion over the next 12 years. first stop? town hall meeting in virginia. the president calling his plan shared sacrifice. it includes some spending cuts and tax hikes on the richest americans. he says people like him can afford to pay a little more. even though he admits they may not like it. >> let me tell you, i have looked at my tax reform and i thought, humm, you know, there is a moment there where you look at the figure you are paying and you say wow, let me think about my position on taxing the wealthy here. but it's a matter of values and what we prioritize.
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and i certainly don't think my taxes should be even lower. >> shepard: we reported yesterday on the president's tax returns. the white house reports the president and first lady made almost $2 million last year and paid close to half a million in federal taxes. republicans have their own plan to cut the federal deficit. they call tax hikes on anybody unacceptable. wendell goler live at the white house tonight. we just had this tax cut fight last year, wendell. >> yeah, shep. but figuring out how to trim the deficit is likely to be the major campaign issue of 2012. the president is figuring he can sell the idea of sharing the pain, that it will be easier to get people to go along with people raising tax rates to the rich to their level in the clinton administration which is the last time we had a budget surplus and tough for republicans to sell proposals like turning social -- turning medicare into a voucher program which is in one republican proposal and which the congressional budget office says would increase senior's health care cost. here is the president. >> they figure that seniors would end up paying twice as
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much for their health care as they are currently. at least twice as much. and more importantly it would get worse overtime because health care inflation goes up a lot faster than regular inflation. seniors are a high percentage floating block and republicans may not rally around that medicare proposal in the end. the president is going to do all he can right now to stick them to it, shepard? >> shepard: the president said he is optimistic the two sides can cut a deal. really, you wonder why. >> well, the get started next month. the first thursday in may at blare house across the street. vice president biden leading a group of republicans today named texas senator jon kyl and virginia congressman eric cantor to represent them. cantor, in a statement said the president's proposal to hike taxes is a direct assault on job creation that could throw the
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economy in reverse. now, despite standard and poor's negative outlook for this country's credit, there is vice president biden who will lead the democrats. treasury secretary tim geithner says there is absolutely no risk of this country losing its a.a.a. credit rating. >> if you listen carefully now, you see the leadership of the united states of america, the president, the republican leadership in both houses and the democrats recognizing now that this is the right thing to do for the economy. >> still, the two sides as much as $2 trillion apart on how much of the deficit to cut and there are wide differences over thousand do it. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler live at the president's residence tonight. thank you. the house republican budget chief kicking off his own town hall tour this week. the wisconsin congressman paul ryan says the president's plan could actually make things worse. >> i'm fearful that if we go down the tax increasing route, we will actually slow down the economy which will make it even harder for us to balance the
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budget and pay off the debt. >> shepard: congressman ryan says he does want to change the tax code to make sure corporate giants pay their fair share. details live from wisconsin in the top story at the bottom of the hour. a fox news weather alert now on the national weather service has issued tornado watches across several states, texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri, and illinois all affected. we're monitoring the situation. we'll see what forecasters say about potential dangerous weather tonight. we will check out the scene in north carolina where folks are returning to salvage what they can after dozens of tornadoes shredded some homes. plus, it looks as if the accused wikileaks source, bradley manning, or brad ass 87 is going to take a little trip. details on his destination and the reasons for the move from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." [ melody ] the bar is raised for everybody in an ap class,
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from the teachers to the students. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing the way that i look at things." sparking that interest and showing them that math and science are exciting... it's why i teach. ♪ i know they can, even when they think they can't.
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[ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity... and making a substantial investment to improve your wireless twork experience. from a singlene call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. >> shepard: weather alert now more tornado watches and warnings tonight. this time from the great plains
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all the way to the great lakes. jonathan serrie is live in north carolina with the hardest hit on this last round of storms first to shay ryan live in the extreme weather center. where are we right now? >> right now we have a large storm system that is just starting to intensify. the northern portion of it just your garden variety showers and thunderstorms. also some snow showers into the great lakes. but it's the southern part of the section just along the cold front where we are starting to see the rotation building. we have seen hale in the four inch diameter range. this is a really intense portion of the section. and all of these red boxes are indicating where we have tornado watches. we have active watch tornado warnings and thunderstorm warnings all across this area. and this is going to continue into tonight as this storm progresses to the east but it is the area in red that has the moderate risk for hale, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes tonight. >> shepard: a lot of this rainfall, shae in areas where they are already dealing with flooding. >> exactly. it's the northern section of this system where we have been seeing some rain coming down across portions of new jersey.
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as we take a look at this video, this is the river in new jersey where it's three counties included along the river that were affected back in early march and now is getting affected again with flooding rains in the past week. and as we go back to the maps, can you see that this system is just beginning, even though this is light rainfall moving across the area here right now, we have got another batch of heavier rain and as we zoom out even more to come as this system continues to intensify tonight and moves across the northeast tomorrow as well. >> shepard: shae, thanks, at the national weather service officials are reporting now at least 25 tornadoes whipped through the state of north carolina alone over the weekend. and that makes it officially the most active outbreak ever recorded there. some folks there are now getting the first look at the remains of their homes. >> going to let the residents in. >> shepard: this is the scene in a community near raleigh which dazed residents -- with dazed
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residents wandering around the wreckage of their lives. saturday, storms killed at least 23 people there early damage estimates are already running into the tens of millions of dollars. jonathan serrie is on scene with the news at a trailer park in micro, north carolina, about 30 miles south and east of north carolina. tornadoes damaged almost every unit there i'm told, jonathan? >> yeah, that's right, shep. this stairway used to lead up to the front entrance to one of those mobile homes. can you seat mobile home is no longer there. what remains of it is scattered throughout this debris field that extends for nearly a quarter of a mile in the middle of this mobile home park. today, many residents return to the area. of the activity involving salvaging scrap metal that once formed the exteriors of their mobile homes. the money they make will help them begin to replace some of the belongings they lost in the storm. the metal is one of the few things of value that remain with their thin construction materials, lack of basements or interior rooms. mobile homes account for a disproportionate number of tornado deaths in the u.s.
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of the 45 tornado fatalities last year, 11 occurred in permanent houses and 20 occurred in mobile homes. even though mobile homes account for less than 7% of all dwellings nationwide. proportion of mobile homes is much higher in north carolina. nearly 15%. much of the damage and many of the fatalities over the weekend occurred in mobile home parks. safety experts are trying to underscore the need to evacuate mobile homes before a tornado strikes. they say you are much safer outside than inside one of these structures. shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie on scene micro, north carolina. thank you, jon. wildfire burning in texas is twice as large as first believed. texas forest service now says the fire has grown to nearly 150,000 acres. it's burning about 70 miles outside of dallas-fort worth area. crews there already battling four other wildfires that are at least that size or bigger. we're told a string of wildfires
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this just this week has burned enough texas ranch land to cover the entire state of rhode island. more than 30 homes reported destroyed and hundreds more at risk. police say a student brought a gun to school today and a couple of classmates ended up with bullet wounds. now we know the child who had the gun is a kindergartner. and students were shot. a live report next. plus, former mcdonald's workers have gone on to accomplish some amazing things. like producing this newscast. and anchoring it for that matter. although that was hardee's. the competition heats up to work under the golden arches. >> i have worked at mcdonald's before, so i figured you know, that's a plus. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack.
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>> shepard: for the first time in nearly three decades new guidelines on alzheimer's. the main change and emphasis on early diagnosis. the disease can start up to a decade before the patient actually shows any signs of mental decline. alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia affecting an 5.4 million americans. it destroys the ability to think and learn. and eventually robs people of their memory completely. scientists right now working on new ways to diagnose the disease but so far there is no cure. a 6-year-old kindergartner brought a gun to school today, then somehow it fell out of his pocket and shot himself and two other kids. that's what police in houston are telling us. they say it happened in the school cafeteria right in the middle of lunchtime. the school district spokesman says the loaded gun somehow fell out of that pocket and discharged. >> it hit the floor and one shot was fired by accident. we have three students at this
7:21 pm
point that were hit in either the leg, just for precautionary measures they have been taken to texas children's hospital. >> shepard: nothing life threatening, all three will survive. trace gallagher with the news in our west coast news hub. how did this happen? how did this 6-year-old get a gun? do we know yet. >> we don't, shep. police are in the process of tracking that gun right now. they have also interviewed the 6-year-old who brought the gun. the parents of the boy who brought the gun released a very short statement simply saying that their son was in stable condition. beyond that, they said nothing about the gun. now, remember, this gun went off during the very middle of the school day so it's unclear where the gun was during the first few hours of school. was it in his backpack? in his pocket? that's all part of the investigation. the school says the boy could face disciplinary action, including changing schools. shep? >> shepard: do we know what it was like in that calf fear i can't when suddenly a gun goes off with kindergartners
7:22 pm
everywhere. >> yeah, witnesses say it sounded like a very loud pop. they heard the commotion, the kids crying and running. within a few minutes the school was flooded with ambulances and police officers and parents. a lot of the parents on scene were kind of milling around as you see there. they were complaining they weren't getting the information fast enough and the school was saying they were giving them the information as fast as they could process it. the good news tonight is we are being told those three kids who were hit are all in very good spirits tonight, all playing games in good condition. shep. >> shepard: all right. that's good news. trace gallagher in los angeles. trace, thank you. mcy d's is trying to hire 50,000 people today. 13,000 locations across the united states offering jobs from restaurant crew to salaried management on its first national hiring day. mcdonald's execs say that despite the dead end mcjobs stereotype the chain typically pays more than minimum wage and
7:23 pm
offers benefits. one franchise owner is expecting around 500 applications. >> it tells you that people want a career, not just a job. and they see a future in mcdonald's. >> shepard: of course, mcd's usually staffs up before summer anyway. they hired 50,000 employees last year throughout the month of april. make it a combo. wisconsin republican congressman paul ryan has been leading the g.o.p. charts to slash the federal budget. now he is taking his proposals on the road. we heard from the president earlier in this newscast. the republican's side coming up. plus, the one wedding that you probably should not try to crash. police in london now organizing a huge security operation for this month's royal wedding. >> had information that they want us to look at. we can put that individual that location on screen. >> shepard: we will look at how
7:24 pm
they plan to protect william and kate and all those famous guests. that's coming up. also get a free flight.
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quick foreigners expect tend kate middle's launched operation. officers searching lamps around the of the cops say in the.
7:28 pm
streets lonnie if have you got a particular location where there is a problem or issue, or have you got an individual that they have had information about that they want us to look at, we can put that individual at that location on screen and then we can let them have a look at the exact pictures that we are looking at. they can make that tactical decision from that. >> shepard: sounds like a plan. officials say there is also the possibility of terrorism. they are worried about other threats like the rioters that attacked the car carrying prince charles and camilla during some kind of violent demonstrations last year over tuition increases. >> we would hope people would come to london have a very exciting day and enjoy the time with the royal family. if people do come to london and engage in criminal behavior, we will act quickly and decisively to deal with it. >> shepard: i will tell martha about that because fox news will be there for the wedding. our live coverage begins 4:00 eastern time, 3:00 a.m. in oxford, mississippi. martha maccallum and i will be
7:29 pm
in london and gretchen carlson and the whole gaggle for the wedding on fnc. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the house republican budget chief paul ryan taking his power point show on the road. the congressman holding town hall meetings back home in wisconsin. making the case for his 2012 spending plan. he predicts it will cut trillions from the deficit without raising taxes on anybody. but congressman ryan says he does want some of the country's biggest companies to pay more. steve brown with the news live janesville, wisconsin tonight. steve, he wants at least one of them to pay more than zero, right? >> that is correct. he specifically mentioned general electric as a company that legally gets around paying taxes and reportedly g.e. state side made better than $3 billion last year and paid nothing in federal tax. ryan says that needs to change
7:30 pm
amongst corporate titans in as well as several changes to some goodies in the tax code have. a listen. >> there is corporate welfare in agriculture. corporate welfare in energy companies. corporate welfare in finance companies. >> and in ryan's opinion all of that has to go because america can't afford it any longer. shep? >> shepard: congressman ryan is also talking to senior citizens about his plans for a big change to medicare. >> yeah. he says you cannot fix the deficit unless you fix medicare and the lines drawn in his eyes at age 55678955 and older medicare does not change. 54 and younger, for those folks medicare will change. essentially a sliding scale of out-of-pocket expense. the more you have, the more you will be asked to pay for your health care. now, ryan says there is no way to avoid fixing medicare now. >> you have to deal with this one program if you want to be
7:31 pm
serious about getting this debt under control because this one program is the largest contributor to the debt in the future. >> ryan also notes that this is going to be a difficult thing to do. the congressional budget office says that under ryan's plan, in their initial analysis, means that most folks in that 54 and under category will pay more for their health care, shep? >> shepard: steve brown live for us tonight in janesville. told you yesterday how the standard and poor's credit rating agency downgraded outlook on u.s. debt to negative. will that finally get the white house and congress to agree on a deficit fix? head to for the latest on the debate to find out what this means for you and your money. now to syria, which is lifting the emergency laws that have ruled the country for nearly half a century but opposition leaders are not impressed. shortly after the move human rights group reports police arrested a major opposition leader in syria's third largest city, the same city where security forces reportedly fired on a crowd of antigovernment
7:32 pm
protesters. witnesses say syrian security shot ammunition and tear gas at hundreds of antigovernment demonstrators staging a sit-in. we're told there were casualties. no word on how many. we should note this is amateur video. fox news cannot independently verify its authenticity. human rights groups estimate clashes between demonstrators and syrian forces have killed at least 200 people in the past month. bashar is a supporter of iran and supporter of hezbollah lebanon. lifting of emergency laws as an attempt to claim reforms but hang on to his hard line rule. new signs tonight that western nations may be moving closer to sending ground troops to libya. can you see mission creep? there is no war, remember? we haven't taken sides, remember? european officials now say they are preparing armed forces to he escort humanitarian aid and
7:33 pm
planning to send a team of military officers to advise the rebels. the rebels, by the way, with whom we haven't taken sides. this as nato air strikes continue. the british defense ministry releasing video showing a series of attacks targeting government communication facilities in libya. that's new. nato officials say air strikes alone are not enough to stop the ba rage of fire power against libyan people. government forces reportedly firing at people, quote, indiscriminately. calling on european leaders to increase military pressure to get qaddafi out of power. new details tonight about the forces those european troops might face on the ground in libya if mission creep does indeed happen. we are learning more about colonel qaddafi's friends and how they are helping him hang on there even with some of the him.'s biggest military powers our news correspondent catherine herridge works intelligence for us. she is live in the newsroom with
7:34 pm
more details. catherine. >> those who met muammar qaddafi say he follows the basic principle my millimeter is my enemy. those friends giving the leader money and mercenaries that he so now desperately needs. in staged rallies the libyan leader portrays himself as the underdog on the verge of defeating the west. but not so long ago muammar qaddafi was embraced by the same world leaders whose countries are now bombing him and before that qaddafi made friends with. so world's most notorious dictators including strong man my lois very much. >> libyans established a relationship with serbia because they were anti-american. >> facebook shows serbian support for the libyan leader is in steady supply. this site has nearly 70,000 supporters. this claims serbian mercenaries called the dogs of war on the ground in tripoli, goat, killing civilians. >> they are battle-trained. they are tough. they know their way around weapons. they are good. they are very good.
7:35 pm
>> while the nigerian government is helping mercenaries to fight the rebels. the libyan leader can use stockpile of cash in the tens of billions to leverage his relationship with neighboring countries. >> he has got an egress through chad to buy weapons through niger and other places. he is by no means completely isolated. >> it's that cash and these relationships that are allowing qaddafi to extend the fight against the rebels, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in d.c. cat, thanks. nasa confirmed today that shuttle endeavor is good to go for final scheduled launch this month. endeavor is set to fly to the international space station to deliver 2 billion-dollar particles physics debtor. i don't know what that is. still no word on whether the wounded congresswoman gab gabria giftdz will attend the launch. 3:47 eastern time which falls right in the middle of "studio b."
7:36 pm
i meant to say the 229th of april, a week from friday. we will have it live for you you that afternoon. alert the players, tell the coaches, new york officials have just saved the wiffle ball season. putting together a list of games what officials called a significant risk of injury. on the list the aforementioned wif gmplet le ball. along with dodge ball, kick ball, red rover, capture the flag and freeze tag. stop it. well, they did. the health department wasn't going to outlaw the games or anything. but summer programs that allow those activities might have faced increased regulation as they put it now the state is backing down, way down. a spokeswoman says this is clearly too much micromanagement. clearly. the u.s. has approved a plan to build the country's first offshore wind farm. of course, not everybody thinks it's a very good idea. details coming up. plus, charlie sheen taking a break from his violent torpedo
7:37 pm
of truth tour to stop by a courtroom. is he winning? a man with adonis d.n.a. when the fox report continues. hey susie, why don't you use this ? it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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remember the guy who called himself brad ass 87 the army guy accused of supplying wikileaks with all those revelations the hundreds of thousands of secret documents that have let us learn so much? a pentagon official says the department is getting ready to move brad ass 87 whose real name is bradley manning out of his cell at the quantico marine base. the military has been holding him at very minimum there since july. manning's lawyer have complained about his treatment. they will transfer manning from virginia to fort leavenworth in kansas. molly henneberg with the news in washington. they have complained about his treatment may be the understatement of the day. the accusation is he has been abused severely by our government. >> shep, defense officials say
7:41 pm
the bringing at quantico is not meant to house pre-trial prisoners for long periods of time. manning has been there for eight months in part because the investigation phase called the 706 prospect is taking longer than expected. here is more. >> given the length of time he has been in pre-trial confinement at quantico, given the point at which we are with the 706 prospect and given what the weekly period of pre-trial confinement in the future will be, we decided to take a look at whether there is another facility suitable for him. >> although johnson also acknowledges that manning's, quote, conditions at quantico were part of the decision as well. manning has been under watch to prevent him from hurting himself. he has to sleep naked or in a tear proof gown and he has been kept solo in a gown 20 hours a day. >> shepard: p.j. crowley came out and talked about how bad
7:42 pm
that was and ended up resigning after. he will be a guest on "studio b" tomorrow. will conditions be that different at fort leavenworth. >> fort leavenworth is set up for long-term incarceration if necessary. there will be more mental health facilities available to manning there. manning will undergo a risk assessment when he gets to fort leavenworth and be put into a one-man cell. he will have access to a psychiatrist, a psychologist and licensed social worker and may have three hours a day of, quote, recreation time as well as interreaction with other pre-trial detainees. shep, the pentagon says manning's transfer to kansas is, quote, imminent. >> shepard: molly henneberg on capitol hill tonight. molly, thanks very much. it appears more drivers are running out of gas as rising fuel prices force many of us to cut back. the auto club triple a doesn't keep stats on this. local chapters in southern california and texas report an increase in the number of roadside service calls for gasoline this year. you know it's expensive. 3.84 a gallon.
7:43 pm
national average for regular unleaded is more than a dollar than it was a year ago. while the price has soared up a dollar today. while the dollar weakened against foreign concern sis. oil and the dollar usually trade in opposite directions. the feds today okaying a controversial plan to build 130 power generating wind turbines off the coast of massachusetts. the not in my backyard battle has been going on for about a decade now. opponents claim the turbines would wreck the national beauty nantucket sound off cape cod. harm wildlife and increase the burden on rate payers. supporters say the project could create up to a thousand jobs and reduce reliance on coal and oil. today in boston the interior secretary ken salazar applauded this decision. >> in many ways pioneer for offshore development in the united states. signing the construction and operation's plan today reflects our determination to capture the possibilities that offshore wind, power represents to the economy and to the energy future
7:44 pm
of the united states. >> shepard: but the battle is certainly not over. opponents have filed nearly a dozen lawsuits in which they seek to overturn the wind farm plan. a protest against a planned construction of a nuclear plant has now turned deadly. and that tops the news as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india. , a mob ransack ago hospital and setting fires in a western state. the group protesting a proposed 10 billion-dollar nuclear complex billed as the biggest in all the world. some protesterring breaking into a construction site and vandalizing it. local police killed one demonstrator. pakistan. [explosion] >> shepard: the military reportedly test firing a new short range missile capable of carrying a nuclear war head. the international community has been closely monitoring pakistan's nuclear program. the volatile country borders both iran and afghanistan.
7:45 pm
philippines. a fire whipping through a suburban manila shanty town and leaving more than 2,000 families homeless. one report indicates unattended rice cooker started it another blames overheated top computer. no word of any deaths. cuba. fidel castro making surprise appearance. central committee and for the first time since its founding in 1965, castro is not one of them. he revealed last march that he left his top post when he fell ill back in 2006. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. words of warning for rod blagojevich. the judge in his retrial saying the former governor of illinois might want to restrain himself from talking quite so much. we'll see what our blago has done this time next. >> i will fight this thing every
7:46 pm
step of the way. i will fight, i will fight, i will fight until i take my last breath.
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7:49 pm
>> shepard: grab popcorn and seat on the couch because it's sequel time on planet blago. retrial of the disgraced former governor of illinois expected to get underway this thursday in chicago don't you know. our blago, of course, maintains his complete innocence, despite these wiretaps.
7:50 pm
>> shepard: 13% is a pretty good number, sir. our jury found him guilty on one count and couldn't reach a verdict on 23 other counts. he talked about whether he will take the stand this time on radio. >> i would hope and expect like i thought i would in the first time that i would testify but i don't want to overpromise something. i want to tell my story. i have been saying it all along. what the government is doing to me is criminalizing routine political discussions and that's all. >> shepard: obviously. prosecutors are already accusing team blago of making false statements to the media. mike tobin works chicago for us.
7:51 pm
our judge is telling blago to watch his mouth. >> yeah. but nothing will silence your buddy blago. he responded to the judge's stern warning by jumping on the radio wls as you mentioned. he said that the feds leaked a story about congressman jesse jackson jr. that he had an affair. this after jackson had got on the the airwaves himself and goaded prosecutors saying, quote, bring it on. >> he said bring it on. and then the next day there is a big story in the paper about his interview that humiliated him with his other problems. no, jesse jackson jr. has said publicly he never asked me for campaign funds and i never asked him for campaign funds. >> blago is naming names this time around. he said that he, now mayor elect rahm emanuel and president obama were on the verge of striking a deal for that vacant senate seat when the feds came and got him, shep. >> shepard: what will be different in this trial, mike? >> the real big difference this time around is that the prosecutors have dropped the racketeering charges.
7:52 pm
and that's what made the last indictment so very complicated that the only thing the jury could agree upon last time was a charge about lying to the feds. so this time around, when you are talking about whether he sold the senate seat, that will be the only thing the jury will be dealing with. did he -- the people at children's memorial hospital or did he not? the charges are going to be more simple, more stream lined. blago will be on fire. he has nothing to lose this time around, shep. >> shepard: a woman caught in a burning car and it takes a group effort to save her. that tops our news across america. texas. that car catching fire after the driver reportedly lost control and hit a bridge railing outside dallas. police say two off duty firefighters couldn't get her out. but a cop reached the scene and discovered the woman's feet were trapped. >> he doesn't think about it he is just in the car. >> shepard: the driver's injuries not life threatening. the officer suffering minor burns.
7:53 pm
pennsylvania. a police officer transporting a prisoner involved in a crash with two trucks on a highway in york county. the state policeman calling the wreck horrific. >> that police vehicle definitely is mangled and, again, crush damage is absolutely severe. >> shepard: minor injuries to the truck drivers. the officer and suspect in the hospital. illinois. a metro train car failing to completely switch tracks near chicago. you can see part of the car wound up on one track and the rest stayed on another. the train did not derail. nobody hurt. arizona. a 9-year-old credited with saving his 2-year-old sister after she fell in a pool outside phoenix. he says he told his grandmother to call an ambulance. >> i did cpr on her and she was starting to breathe a little bit. >> shepard: he says he learned cpr from tv. the little girl now recovering. and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: our top five things of the day are next.
7:54 pm
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7:58 pm
gun that he brought to school. actually it fell and went off. it injured himself and two classmates. number three, the unemployment rate fell last month in 34 states. number two, another storm sweeping through the midwest. and number one, the first lady's plane had to abort a landing attempt because of another plane in front of it. and that's "the fox report's" top five. >> shepard: and on this day in 1993, a federal standoff ended in catastrophe when a massive fire killed 80 cult members at the branch da individualian complex in waco, texas. it started months earlier in atf agents. david can karesh fought back. the attorney general then janet reno approved a raid. agents fired tear gas into the complex. a fire broke out and killed almost everybody, including karesh and 22 children. the cause of that fire remains,
7:59 pm
well, unclear. and there is still controversy over who is to blame. then two years later, to the day, a truck bomb exploded outside the alfred p. morrow federal building in oklahoma city. 168 died. in the moments after that attack, many suspected some foreign terror organization. but the culprit was, instead, an american citizen who once served in our army. timothy mcveigh later testified that he had picked the day of the bombing in part because of what happened in waco. in 1997 a jury convicted tim mcveigh and a judge sentenced him to die, an execution that i watched. today at the oklahoma city national memorial,. [bagpipes] a remembrance for the victims of that bombing. in fact, new york city firefighters were there to display an american flag destroyed in the attacks of 9/11 and a pair of violent events shaped the future of our nation 18 and 16


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